A Breeze Among the Reeds


This is Suncheon Bay, one of the largest wetlands in the world. The reeds just grow for miles and miles here…Pathways have been set up here to allow tourists to cross the wetlands and witness the dampening sight.

As it IS the wetlands….umbrellas UP!


The sight after a hike up a mountain…


A natural wonder or an alien crop circle….you decide


This fail shot….theres something about it…

FACT: Every day after school it is mandatory for students to clean the whole building! Yes that includes cleaning the toilets, washing the doors and windows, sweeping my office floor, emptying the trash…EVERYTHING! And they’re pretty good at it too…Maybe the UK should have something like this….this way kids won’t take the piss and stick chewing gum underneath the desks all the time.




Maybe he is an aspiring professional photographer?


I think he will take better pictures than me….
I don’t usually put poor quality pictures here…but ill make an exception because of this kid!


FACT: As some of you may already know ‘AGE’ is a big deal here. Depending on your age you have to act a certain way. The younger person MUST be respectful to the older person (even if they are just one minute older). Formal speech is used until the older person gives permission to drop formalities. However it is not all fun and games for the older person. The older person is expected to pay for every meal when eating out! The younger person must set the table and pour drinks for everyone though…haha

Pepero day – Mini Valentines?

Ok so what is Pepero day? Well today is pepero day! What happens is supermarkets sell many many ‘Peperos’ which are ‘Pocky’ (In England) chocolate sticks. I know right? A whole day dedicated to those sticks which don’t really taste THAT great.

Pepero day always happen on the 11th November (11.11), so the ‘1’s represent the pepero. What happens is everybody (literally everyone) buys pepero and eats it!!!!! Well not exactly…it can have 2 ways of celebrating it.

1st – People just buy pepero as a present for people. I recieved a box from my co-teacher and she also buys one for every single staff in the school.

2nd – It is a tradition that on Pepero day the male buys ‘pepero’ sticks for his girlfriend. Some Pepero are wrapped really nicely…like a bouquet of flowers. Then later they are able to play the PEPERO GAME!
It is carried out by the couple taking one Pepero stick and …. hard to explain….here is a picture:

So eventually as the couple draw closer together they end up kissing XD 2 of my students try to demonstrate this in front of me (they were trying to educate me on pepero day) but obviously fails because they were both boys! But they love a good laugh.

SO Pepero day….marketing scam? or marketing genius? Well when i look around today seeing people buy pepero sticks, couples holding pepero gifts in their hands, and everybody smiling and expressing love…i’d say genius. The whole atmosphere of the town was filled with so much joy and love…as corny as that sounds…

And no i havn’t gone soft….

FACT: It is uncommon for male students to hang out with female students. They are either male groups or a female groups. If you see a male and a female student…they are dating! Seriously its true…whenever there is a male and a female together they are ALWAYS holding hands…..otherwise i don’t see any mixed friendship groups.

Green Tea anyone?


Boseong green tea fields. Famous for…well…growing green tea! Shame it was pretty bad weather but the fields were beautiful none the less! The hike up the hill took a while and was pretty much hard work. BUT! it made the green tea shake taste twice as good! Green tea shake, green tea ice cream, iced green tea, green tea crisps, green tea biscuits…you name it, they have it! =D

Little red riding hood walks here…

It just goes on and on and on….


Boseong green tea hill is a famous attraction for couples. They like to write love messages on wooden posts….romantic? or corny? My opinion? well its better seeing chavs kill each other thats for sure!


I like his hat haha…and you can see the haunted temple behind him…


You can see a small village from the top of the hill….somehow it reminds me of quirky Dutch/Swiss cottages… mooo


FACT: It is believed that ALL Korean food can boost stamina. Kimchi gives stamina, green tea gives stamina, ddukbokgi gives stamina, chocolate gives stamina. stamina stamina stamina aaah!