It’s me…

How have you all been? Sorry AGAIN for the silence. I visited home in London for a while to see my sister get married. I’ve never seen my sister so beautiful and I’ve never seen my family united so tightly. I was overwhelming, but more importantly I was proud to be a part of this family.

Rooftops have been my thing lately. No, not to dangle my feet off the edge like some crazy photographers these days. Somehow up there I get to see the ‘wider view’ of things. Not particularly Seoul, but myself, my future, and the people around me. I find it so therapeutic and can stand there for hours.

This particular rooftop was above a plastic surgery clinic…and boy was I shocked to see people in bandages walking in at the elevator. O_o



10 Comments on “Hello…

  1. I have been seeing teasers of this post from your Instagram account. While I always see that the view of the countryside is refreshing and relaxing, the view of the city from above is another thing. I can relate to your sentiments about the “wider view” of things. Despite having occasional fear from heights, there’s that soothing and calming effect I feel whenever I see things from the top or at least from another “unusual” angle. 🙂

    I have to laugh about #TheMummyReturns. It made me think though, one of “mummies” you have encountered will probably the next big star or celebrity tomorrow. We’ll never know hahaha

    PS I have nothing against people subjecting themselves to cosmetic / plastic surgery. I actually admire them for their bravery and the amount of money they have for the operation. They surely have their own back stories and struggles before they reached the clinic.

    Will look forward for your next posts 🙂

    • yes I have nothing against it too. Surprisingly a lot of these clients are from abroad.

      Thanks for sticking around even though it’s been so long. Will try to get better ^^^^

  2. Woah, amazing. I’m looking for rooftops to visit this May in Seoul. Is it usually prohibited or hard to access? Congratulations to your sister 🙂

  3. Lovely pictures! Thank you for sharing them with the public!

  4. I’ve been finding a blog like this forever! Thank you for posting good stuffs. I really really like your blog. Keep it up! 🙂

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