Reply 1988


How’s it going? Can you believe my last post on Korea was back in August? Woopsie.  I really do suck at this blogging thing. On the bright side, I stocked up a tonne of photos in my archives which are ready to be uploaded and spammed on this page.

Actually there was a reason I took a small hiatus on taking pics of Korea. In fact I was practising…trying out new styles of photography and colors so I could grow. Whether I have succeeded or failed well, time will tell. I can’t really say I’ve made an outstanding ‘breakthrough’ but I believe with more practice and some new equipment I can finally evolve.

Oh also has anyone seen the drama Reply 1988? It’s the talk of the town apparently…I have seen the first series a few years ago and the feeling is the same I get when I visited to the Suncheon drama film set. You get to rent out retro uniforms and wander around the vintage town of Korea. This was before my time…but even though I had a small glimpse of what it was like back then…I got a feeling retro-Korea must’ve been a WILD period of time. All my seniors said so anyway…

Anyhoo— not gonna write for too long this time round. Hope you all had a great new year!

Let’s see what 2016 shall bring for this blog shall we?


12 Comments on “Reply 1988

  1. Hi Ken! Visiting South Korea is still a dream for me. I have silently identified the places I wanted to visit and it includes the setting of my favorite drama series. Although I knew that one of disadvantages is that most of the places are scattered in different locations. Suncheon drama film set fortunately offers a one stop spot 🙂 for me. Hopefully, the dream will not remain as a dream. It will happen soon.

    I noticed a little difference in your photographs in this post. You seem to infuse more colours. 🙂 But as always, I love the stories and element of a little mystery in your photos.

      • Yes I’m considering it too. If i may share, I have a Korean friend whom I lost contact with after graduating from High School. After a decade, I decided to find her again. Good thing, she maintained the same address. 🙂 We met in my country because she had a short working stint here. She was telling me a lot of great things about Suncheon. And just like that, my list of places to visit in South Korea increased. Haha A week to explore might no longer be enough for me.

        Thanks for your reply and suggestion. I appreciate it. 🙂

        PS If you happen to be in my country, I would be an honour if it I can meet and treat you for at least one Filipino meal 🙂

  2. hi Ken I am Bangkit from Bali. It’s my biggest dream to visit Korea and uh yeah I also a big fan of Reply series (especially Reply 1994, have you watch it?)
    By the way, I really love the tone of these photos. May I know what filter did you use? Thankyou very much

  3. Hi
    I love your photography style a lot!
    couldn’t wait to see more!!
    Happy new year 2016 to you too! tho it’s too late to say it now LOL

  4. Just discovered your blog…no apologies necessary for spells between posts. That just means you are out exploring and living life. And that can only help with your own self-discovery and at the same time, benefit us all via your tips and photos. So thanks!!!

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  6. I love 1988. You have to watch it. This old school feel really is shown through your photos. I love your blog!

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