It was another 2am wake-up call where we were scheduled to see the sunrise at Mt. Bromo.  Not only were we deprived of sleep, but we all were feeling extra cranky.  We dodged countless pestering motorcycles on the mountain road, but the amount of dust generated from their reckless driving, made me almost want to kick motorcyclists off their bikes and bite their heads off.  Even when we reached the top the view was hoarded by bushes as well as other visitors fighting their way to the front.

All in all I could say this day had the potential to go very wrong, however there was light at the end of the tunnel as soon as the mist cleared up which enabled us to see the full gem of a view of Mount Bromo.  We then jeep’d down the mountain and entered the mountain desert where we rode our very own horses and hiked up to the crater…which smelt like fart btw.  

I was so relieved that the day had a complete turn around and can safely say it was one of the most memorable experiences I had during my stay in Indonesia.

*in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, Wonderful Indonesia*


3 Comments on “Bromophilic

  1. Glad your day turned out pretty awesome! I love how you always take dreamy photos. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Indonesia! 🙂

  2. It felt like I was watching a historic Asian movie. The pictures are sending me messages.

    Perfect post for the first day of December! And I hope you will be blessed with more travel adventures to savour, enjoy and share with us.

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