Temple Run


Starting the itinerary at 3am in the morning we zombied up to the Borobudur Buddhist Temple to see the iconic sunrise.   I was pretty much surprised myself that I was able to bust my arse out in the crack of dawn, so I should really thank Jess (Hello Jesso) and Nicole (That Food Cray) for making funny snapchats to help me power through it.  We climbed up the nine levels to the top of the temple where we waited with our flashlights.  While killing time making ghostly faces with our flashlights and goofing off, I also noticed we weren’t the only people waiting with our cameras.  I particularly remembered a cranky German girl who snapped at anyone who flashed their flashlight at the sight because she wanted to take the “perfect picture” – I get it.  It’s the early morning. Chill granny.

As soon as the first ray of sun peeked through the mountains the artillery sounds of cameras snapping away begun.  I however knew that my skills weren’t really good enough to take sunrise pics therefore I just watched and soaked in the moment. =D

Exploring the temple made me feel like Indiana Jones searching for some lost treasure.  With detailed, intricate carvings and sharp corners, I almost wanted to throw down a line of coins, import some monkey sounds in order to play my very own version of Temple Run.  During our expedition we ran into Riyanni who enlightened us on the meanings of the carvings and hand symbols.  With new sights and knowledge, my mind just couldn’t be helped in being filled with wonder and dazzlement.

I felt the rich history, wonder, and mysteriousness deeply embedded in the walls and foundations of this temple.  I was really intrigued to find out more about the temple, however whoever built this gem or its original purpose was not written anywhere and remains a mystery.  But it’s ok, the more mysterious it is the more appealing right?

Oh and whoever are stealing Buddha heads from the temples for money?  Curse you.




*in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, Wonderful Indonesia*


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