After three eventful and vehicular constipational days in Jakarta, I set out to Bandung with 29 other bloggers as part of a press trip with the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia. After 3 or so hours we arrived at the active volcanic site, Tangkuban Perahu followed by lunch with a gorgeous view at Dasun Bambu.
There was one particular day that..well…did not go exactly to plan. Not getting into too much detail, but I ended up having a solo and separate adventure for the day accompanied by a personal supervisor from the Ministry of Tourism to make sure that I won’t…erm…die? XD
We made our way to the Sulphurous Lake, Kawah Putih which is a volcanic crater. What’s so cool about this lake is that it changes colour depending on the concentration and the temperature of the sulphur! On our drive back to the hotel we came across a beautiful abandoned rail-bridge in the middle of the countryside. I obviously had to ask the driver to stop so I could take a few snaps. As I walked through the bridge to admire the rusty structure, the supervisor got super paranoid on the level of safety and so had to turn back, sadly.
And that’s how I felt about Bandung. I felt like I have only seen a speck of the beauty of this amazing city. I just know there are definitely more hidden gems and things to discover in the endless countryside fields. This place is definitely on my list of places to return to if I ever come back to Indonesia.

Oh BTW as mentioned on my last post, don’t forget to enter the amazing free trip to Komodo Islands giveaway HERE!


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