Competition: Komodo Islands


Heey! So I’m finally back from a two week trip from Indonesia in collaboration with the Indonesian Tourism Board.  Even though the Ministry of Tourism overfed me with endless buffets and snack boxes, I can definitely say I have lost some weight 0.0

One of the definite highlights of this trip was Komodo Island.  Not because it is the only place you can see Komodo dragons, but the sheer natural beauty and rawness of the culture ticks every boxes of what every explorer looks for.

We started of landing at one of the neighboring islands called Labuan Bajo, and we go went to visit a village of Liang Ndara where we were welcomed by the locals and watched cultural performances such as the Caca dance.  Oh and might I say their home cooked meal was one of the highest quality of foods I have tasted in Indonesia thus far.  A fine afternoon was then followed by volunteering at the Pelangibook Library where we help kids imagine what life is like outside their island.  It was great to see their faces full of curiosity and wonder on every little detail.  It really puts things into perspective because these kids have quite little luxuries and accessible facilities but their faces are the happiest and brightest I have seen.  The Korean students have these personal electronic goods and public facilities that make their life comfortable and pleasurable, but Korea is one of the statistically unhappiest country on Earth.  Well…so they say having less is more I suppose.

How can we visit the Komodo Islands without exploring the Komodo National Park where we can visit our dragon friends?  Friends who are always in search for food or they spit poison at you.  Yay.  Kidding aside the danger actually added the thrill and the rarity of these endangered creatures made me appreciate more of the given experience.  Oh and did I mention we actually had a picnic with these Komodos?  Luckily we had guards ward them off every time they had a whiff of my chicken meat.

The day was quickly ended by a quick visit to Pink beach and an extreme but short hike up Padar.  With the epic sunset flaring in the sky followed by a sea of stars, the Komodo Islands have definitely become my most favourite destination in Indonesia.  Someone please take me back =(  Anyhoo…

Competition time!!

In collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia you now have a chance to win an all expenses paid trip to the Komodo Islands!  All you need to do is create a 30 seconds to 1 minute creative video as to why you want to visit there. If you win you get to spend two nights at hotel accommodation in Labuan Bajo and get to visit Rinca Island, Pink Beach, Komodo Island, Kanawa Island and an extra 400USD spending money.  Competition ends November 16 2015.

More details HERE.

Good luck!



11 Comments on “Competition: Komodo Islands

  1. Great pictures collection. Yeah, I’ve been following your trip on instagram. 😀 😀
    I really like the first picture.

  2. Hi Ken!
    I am Indonesian but i have never touch the land of Komodo yet. 😦
    I am glad that you have visited that beautiful island and share it with amazing pictures.

    Honestly, I’ve seen tons of pictures about Komodo Island, but there is always a whole different sensation inside each pictures.
    It will be amazing if you share your experience in other place of Indonesia as well.

    Thank you for the super nice post.

  3. Each photo is like telling me a hidden and mysterious story behind it. Another amazing work from you Ken!

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