Venice has always been known as a city for romance and newlyweds, so people have been telling me that they will save up that location for their ‘honeymoon’ or for a ‘couple get away’.  I totally disagree.  When I finally had the lucky opportunity this beautiful city I was immersed with the culture.  I would say all that couple thing is just a marketing scam.  I mean sure there are some people making out in that odd corner or embracing on a Gondola after being scammed by the gondolier, but to say that Venice should be visited once you are in a relationship…is bull.

I’ve been wanting to visit here after following @neumarc on Instagram.  His pictures reminds me of the time I was in Italy a couple of years back and ever since I have been dying to come back.  Marco’s pictures not only are beautiful, but I could feel the very essence of the city in his pictures.

To experience more of the Venezian culture we decided to rent out an authentic and suuuper cozy apartment from Roomorama.  The interior was fully furnished and decorated with Italian art, furniture and sculptures.  Also the fact that were right by the town center, convenience stores, bakeries, bars and restaurants were just a door step away.

Venice was everything I expected…in fact more.  Although there was a day that I almost murdered my sister in one of the back alleys, we were cheered up when we met up with a local friend Riccardo.  He wasn’t someone I knew before, in fact he messaged me on Instagram when I was taking a nap and he said he saw me in town and asked whether I wanted to go around the city for a little photowalk.  To be honest the alleys, canals, and my sister was getting a little monotonous so I thought this would be a good change for us both.  So we met up with him and boy was it a good choice.  He took us to some secret places where only locals only knew about, introduced us to the best Gelato ice cream in town and even invited us to his house for some authentic, home made Italian pasta.  We talked through midnight about our careers on Instagram, youtubers, Italian culture, Korean culture etc.  It was a perfect chilled night.  Thank you Riccardo!

Thank you also to Roomorama who sponsored our beautiful Venezian apartment for such a comfortable stay.  With over 120,000 properties, Roomorama is the largest platform for professionally-managed vacation rentals worldwide.  If you sign up by clicking on this link (, you will get $50USD in credit to your account.  Happy Travels!


5 Comments on “Venezianity

  1. Your photos always find its own unique way of telling stories. This is definitely a different Venice. I have been waiting for updates from your blog. Oh finally, the long wait is over and as always, you never disappoint. You never fail to inspire and amaze me!

  2. It’s my first time to visit your blog eventho i doesn’t have a blog haha , i really like every single of your captures those are magnificent, superb wonderful and never failed to gets me amaze. But i want to suggest you to visit turkey, exploring turkey and i’m sure your captures will be great as always XD you’ve know that i’m your biggest fan since the beginning^^

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