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Jeonju has probably been one of the most hyped up places in Korea and because of the over advertising, it is now in danger of getting eye rolls every time we see a commercial on the bus, subway, train…like, seriously Korea…stop it.  We now have something called the internet?

Anyways I was lucky to go on behalf of the Korean Tourism Board and there was one thing I needed to find out for myself; is the Jeonju Bibimbap really that amazing in their city of origin, or if it’s all just a stereotypical fad?  Well, I tried it and I guess it really did live up to its fame.  The ingredients and the taste were much fresher and smoother than any other Bibimbap I had in the country.  Definitely worth a try there!  Also make sure to pop by the PNB bakery for their famous choco-pies.  Totally delicious!

Despite all the food, the highlight for me was being able to capture the whole of the village from a nearby hill.  That haze made the moment extra special.  I really cannot wait to come back again when those roofs are filled with snow.

Thanks again to the Tourism Board for making this trip happen.  Also I just managed to hit over 100,000 followers on instagram.  Thank you so much again for the endless support!!!

P.S Apparently if you call someone who is from Jeonju a ‘bibimbap’ it is considered racist. True? I’m terribly sorry but when I heard this fact I couldn’t stop chuckling.


19 Comments on “Jeonju

  1. Really nice captures, Ken. Looks like you are allowing more colors to flow into your world :p

    ~ Instameet Seoul Oct 2014 ~

  2. Hi Ken! I love the little contrast of the modern buildings and the traditional structures in some of the photos. I didn’t know that Jeonju is probably the home of Bibimbap, which is considered as the most popular Korean dish in my country. When we say Korean food, most people would say either kimchi or bibimbap here 🙂

    I love the way you presented the photos. Pardon my poor adjectives but I love the sophistication, elegance and that subtle jolt of emotions or probably, hidden sentiments conveyed behind each photo. And as always, I’m a fan of your masterpieces.

  3. Say Hi!!
    I like two last pictures, especially those roofs picture, so beautiful. ❤
    Indeed, the haze made it special, I thought it was an edited part until I read your description. 🙂
    I would love to try the bibimbap when I go to South Korea. 🙂 🙂

  4. Hahah it had never crossed my mind to call someone a rice dish. I don’t remember if I’ve ever had bibimbap not in a stone pot but if it is the original, I shall give it a try.

    All gray town my seem a little dull but there way you captured the roofs and the almost shine of the roofs is stunning.

  5. I went around the village for 1 hour to find that place to take the aerial view picture in the hot sunny day but fail to even with a map and the tourist information counter were everywhere but it’s all close T___T i ended giving up finding it

  6. Wow! Amazing photographs of Jeonju – I have not been there in ages but I hope to get back there when I visit Korea in the spring ^_^ I had no idea that if you call someone a 비빔밥 that it is racist! How interesting ~

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