Dior Couture


As you may or may not have been aware from my Instagram that I’ve had the lucky opportunity to collaborate with Dior as they opened up their very own Esprit exhibition at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza.  It was really an honour that they chose me to be the representative photographer of Korea for their social media accounts and online magazine.  Talk about self esteem boost!

As well as getting a VVIP tour of the exhibition I met Dior’s marketing mastermind Gary Pinagot, and internationally renowned photographer Hiroaki Fukada.  Aside from having tried my best efforts to not fanboy over one of my biggest inspirations, I also realised how my perceptions of luxury brands changed.  To be able to learn the history, the process, and the timeless evolution of Dior from an expert was very mind opening and inspirationally educational.

Special thanks to the Dior team for making this one of the most valuable experiences I had and giving me the opportunity to peep at their world of creativity and brilliance, especially to Gary Pinagot who bought all the coffee that day T_T.  Seriously though, it was mind boggling to know that this down to earth guy was the same mastermind behind some iconic marketing campaigns for Dior.

Make sure to check out the exhibition “Esprit Dior” at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza before they pack their bags on 25th August.


8 Comments on “Dior Couture

  1. i first saw the teaser of this post from your Facebook page. The 4th photo is so lovely! There could no other photographer than you! 🙂 I’m beyond amazed!!! Wishing you more collaborations, your talent, hardwork and dedication deserve it

  2. I went to that exhibition too! I love your blog 🙂
    I just started a Korea blog too if you could check it out & give me a shoutout!


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