Yo! Monsoon


Hello Monsoon season, thank you for always ruining my plans and thank you for turning me into a living cocktail for all those hungry mosquitos.

Literally cannot wait for the Fall season again, but can you really believe we’re halfway through 2015 already? As I get older it seems time ticks a hundred times faster. There’s always a lingering feeling of “time is running out” inside of me, but running out for what exactly?


11 Comments on “Yo! Monsoon

  1. “living cocktail for all those hungry mosquitos” – This made me laugh! When I was a kid, I used to believe that mosquitos does not exist in first world or wealthy countries. Haha Turns out, these “irritants” are still thriving even in the most beautiful countries in the world.

    You may not feel good but your photo relate otherwise. As always, I’m a fan of your photography… especially on this lazy and sleepy afternoon at work.

  2. Currently fallin in love with ur blog~~ makes me want to go South Korea soon ❤❤

  3. Korea will forever look pretty be it under the scorching sun or raining! Hope I can visit soon. And I love your photo, as usual haha

  4. Oh yes, I remember those monsoon days. Thanks for keeping this site updated and taking some of the most amazing photos in the world. Maybe someday we’ll meet via an Instagram meet up (if I’m living in Korea by then!)

  5. I love these views!

    New questionnaire (The most handsome Korean Actors)


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