MERS Update!!!!

The update is that there is no update because only the whole world apart from Korea is panicking.  Calm down people.

This past month has been one of the most busiest and exciting months I have ever experienced in Korea.  I am still blown away how this blog and my instagram can enable to work with some amazing individuals.  I feel so blessed everyday and it’s all thanks to your guys!

If you still havn’t read it yet, I have been featured in a couple of publications from Suitcase Magazine, Kalt Blut Magazine,  and the first edition Timeout Seoul.  Check it out if you’re interested!

Anyways time for bed.  My head is still buzzing from the epic weekend with Dior….but more about that later ~ hehe

In the meantime, please enjoy the shots I did of the Boseong Green Tea Plantation for the Korean Tourism Board


Photo Location: Boseong Green Tea Field


5 Comments on “Buzzing

  1. So inspired by your photos. Colors are calm and angles give me wider perspective on what’s in there. Thanks and please keep up your great work! x

  2. Love your images man – very real and authentic. Trying to get that kind of vibe with my photography at the moment – cutting out the blacks helps with it i think. Keep up the great work!

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