Over Gangnam


Yes, I’m fine thank you and NO I do not have MERS~

I do admit that the media is going a little overboard with the whole MERS thing.  However since the government did not share publicly which hospitals were infected, the whole country went into panic and lockdown mode.  Well done South Korea.

In light of all this, if you sanitize your hands regularly, wear face masks and avoid crowded places it should really be no problem. It is important to remember that it affects people who have bad health and the elderly the most.  So keep fit, exercise, and stay strong, and you will be invincible….hopefully.  Well…I’m not too sure, i’m not a doctor ^^

This so called ‘pandemic’ however did not stop me from exploring new habitats; hence in collaboration with Roomorama, I decided to escape my crib for the weekend to live the high rise life in the heart of Gangnam.  Here in the Gangnam Duplex Room I stayed to finish the work which piled up over the weeks.  It was really nice to work in a new, spacious environment alongside other high rise corporate offices.   It was especially interesting at night time as I got to experience the full assault of the nightlife in Seoul.  As I worked past midnight I noticed the two different worlds between youths enjoying the time of their lives in the streets and the corporate workers, who stayed in their offices to work overtime….unpaid.  So sad.

Ok enough about my staycation,  I really wanted to notify that Roomorama has offered to give a $50 discount exclusively to my readers on any of their available accommodations around the world!  Just enter the code “SSOM50” and then voila~Roomorama is the largest platform for professionally-managed, short-term vacation rentals worldwide.  Make sure to check it out peepz!


5 Comments on “Over Gangnam

  1. I appreciate your humor on the whole MERS thing. Hopefully, it’s one of things that will blow over quickly. Since I am the only one in my circles who loves South Korean “stuff” – a noun used by my friend to describe everything she doesn’t know or care to learn – people keep asking me about this MERS thing. Next time I’ll use your sentence and tell them that I am not a doctor. ^^ On another note, this place looks stunning. Wish I could visit.

  2. Sorry to put aside the MERS issue, but the sight is really beautiful. Is there a limit time for the discount based on your code? or How many times we can use it?

    • Hi Yuna, there is no limit for the number of times you can use this code. It will expire on the 31st of December 2015. 🙂

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