Clients, collabs, teaching, editing, weddings, exam prep, flu…

These were just a few of what constipated my weekly schedules, ultimately making me sick several times within just two months.  On one hand a busy life is more fulfilling, but the fact that it makes my body sick makes me feel I need medication to help myself man up a little..or more simply just take a breather.  But me being me…stupid and careless, I just kept going without thinking about the harm it did.  Time to rest up Ken!

So when the Conrad Seoul Hotel contacted me to experience my luxury moment in spring I felt like it came at a perfect time.  Hence still half sick and half a zombie, I decided to accept the offer and use this time for healing and spoil myself a little.

I was offered the King Deluxe room and an extra 35,000won credit to spend in the hotel.  As this was a time for myself only, I decided to cut off all communication with friends and family, got out my laptop and started my therapy session…photo editing.  Yes, you heard.  Photo editing is my therapy session and the effect was enhanced with the 14th floor window view of the Han River.  It was great to just work while watching the sun set and to witness Seoul coming alive at night.

As evening came I remembered that I forgot to pack some extra underwear…woops! But luckily I was able to take the elevator down to the IFC mall to quickly purchase some as well as stop by McDonalds for those McChicken Nuggets and curly fries.  Feast!

In the following morning I was welcomed by the misty horizon of Seoul city, empty McDonalds packaging, and unanswered emails clogging up my inbox.  To get those emails out of the way as soon as possible, I decided to skip the feast down at the Zest and order a breakfast in Bed (Salmon Eggs Benedict) which came no longer than 20 minutes.  By the time I devoured the meal it was time to pack my bags and bid the hotel farewell.  I can say I was definitely restored back to full strength and felt revitalised, like a snake shedding its skin.  I would also like to thank Conrad Seoul for hosting such a peaceful and luxurious weekend.

*though this was a collaboration with Conrad Hotel, thoughts as usual are my own*


7 Comments on “Conrad

  1. NICE! I was thinking of booking here as a birthday surprise for my girlfriend. Did you have a chance to check out the pool? And is there an “executive lounge” sort of floor?

    • Hello! Yes there is a pool on the 8th floor i believe and there are lounges i think for the executive rooms…but you need to ask to make sure^^

      I didn’t get to swim coz i was quite sick that day so i just lazed around the room and lobby ㅋㅋ

      Good luck with the surprise!!

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