Mad Hatter


As I opened the gates I expected a certain Mad Hatter and a late rabbit to greet me with a birthday song.  This was the exact feeling and imagination I had as I stumbled across En Rogel Teapot Café which is isolated and hidden in the county of Jangseong.  First opened in 2006 the café owner, an artisan of steel sculpting built this masterpiece so that he can make his own ultimate artwork which is a lifelong dream.

Despite being a unique treasure of Korea, En Rogel is also surrounded by Cherry blossom trees and petals can be seen raining on its parade every spring.  In addition the reservoir hosts jaw dropping mountainous scenes, making Jangseong county a countryside gem of Korea.  Hidden jewels like this makes me seriously consider what else I am missing out on in this country and that maybe it’s time to not focus on Seoul too much and expose to people more charming and unique perspectives of Korea.

But like, for reals…the cherry blossoms in Seoul sucks compared to the south regions.  Just sayin’


7 Comments on “Mad Hatter

  1. do you have to wake up super early to take these photos or its just not too crowded compared to other cherry blossoms spots? am curious ^^ 🙂

  2. do you have to wake up super early to take these shots or is it just less crowded than other cherry blossoms spot? ^^ am curious as i like to visit korea during springs, thank you! 🙂

  3. Beautiful picture and very helpful for those who want to visit other place apart from Seoul..thumbs up!

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