White Space


Yes I admit it…I have a bit of an addiction with ‘white’ photos…racist much?

Not that I particularly like white over any other colours of the spectrum…but simple, clean and minimalistic photos give me a sense of peace, quiet, and a bundle of energy. It’s like a packet of ready salted flavored crisps; so simple yet so deliciously sophisticated.

It’s also a bigger bonus when someone else shares that same taste with you so when the instagramer, Xiao (@hx1125) from Shanghai visited Korea we naturally looked for hot locations that could satisfy hour minimal needs. When she suggested the Mimesis Art Museum in Paju it seemed like the perfect choice, hence we decided to make an early trip the following day. However to our dismay upon our arrival there was a fat ‘CLOSED’ sign… On a Friday!

Apparently the whole venue was booked out for a special event, however Xiao didn’t give up without a fight so we decided to call up the museum. The manager kindly greeted us at the gates and after many calls and negotiations he miraculously let us inside the empty building!  It’s probably any photographers dream to shoot inside a popular museum when there is nobody there.

We really would like to thank the manager of Mimesis Art Museum again and again for his graciousness and for this rare opportunity!


3 Comments on “White Space

  1. Another amazing set of photos – the lighting is really good with all the white space. I completely agree with you about these sort of minimalist photos looking great.

  2. I love the first picture! It is nice that the museum let you guys in! I agree with you about white photography. The museum seems cool!

  3. Awesome photographs!!! You are really lucky to visit the museum when there are no people… Silent atmosphere surrounded by white color, the perfect moment…

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