First of all I want to say WOAH, these past two months has seriously has been by far the most busy and the best fun I ever had…and we’re only two months into the year!  All I can say is thank you for the endless support!

I was walking through Ewha Woman’s university and just fell in love with the prestigious architecture and the western touches. Check it out if you ever visit Seoul~

Next month is also the official instameet and due to the amazing turnout from October i’m strongly considering organizing another one…though nothing official yet.  Please stay tuned ^^.  There will be many exciting insta-collabs this February and March so make sure you follow me on Instagram!

Oh and happy belated Lunar New Years!  I’ve gained so much weight for eating so much! Eat well, live well everyone!


3 Comments on “Ewha

  1. Me and my family are going to visit Seoul in may for the first time. I´m actually half korean but I have never been to the country, so it would help a lot to know a little bit more about the city. Do you have any personally tips what to do, eat etc? As I said I´ve never been to the city so I´dont really know the perks of each district, so were to you think it´s the best place to stay for a a week? I love it when the environment feels cozy and when the architecture is cool. I would be so glad if you could answer this questions, that would mean so much to me. But I get If you don´t have the time, I thank you in advance. // Molly

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