Singapore: The Migup


For the third and final instalment of the Singapore series I wanna tell you guys the reason why I was there and the crazy adventure I had with the hosts of this sponsored trip.  So I was lucky enough to be selected by Migme to visit Singapore an experience their culture and futuristic landmarks.

First up, we visited Gardens By The Bay which is like the Garden of Eden preserved inside a beautiful dome like greenhouse.  Though beautiful, it looks a bit like a bikini bra from above, and ever since someone mentioned that, I can’t help but slightly chuckle secretly lol.  Inside however is any architecture lover’s haven.  It was beautiful, tropical and exotic all at the same time.

Next we visited the Supertree grove which looks exactly like a set from the Avatar movie.  What I loved about this is that it looks like a mixture of elements from urbanisation and Mother Nature; two worlds in one kind of thing.  Going up the Supertree was super fun and the view from above was surreal….almost fantasy like.

Finally we drove to Marina Bay Sands to see the jaw dropping view of Singapore from above followed and concluded by a mouth-watering and intense meaty meal at the Carnivore restaurant on the first floor.  The meat was exquisite, juicy, tender…and it was great to be joined by the host to explain health benefits of each selection. Thanks for the amazing adventure Migme!!!


To conclude and in addition, I want to tell you guys about Migme, a social media platform and also the host of this very travel event.  Migme is a social and entertainment platform providing chat, entertainment and micro-blogging services.   They are particularly popular in South East Asian countries with over nine million users and growing.  With Malaysia and Singapore being two of my top 5 audiences, it made sense for me to make an account and expand my audience through this platform.  Not to mention, earning stickers, virtual cash and meeting new fans is always fun!

You don’t have to necessarily have to have a blog to join.  If you like to meet people and have a little bit of fun online like Facebook, I recommend you to join!  Also, Migme will be hosting a ‘Migup’ (a meet up in different countries just like this one) at least once a month.  You can apply by filling out a very easy and simple online application here!

Enjoy and good luck!

*Again and finally thank you so much to MigmeHQ for this amazing experience and opportunity*


8 Comments on “Singapore: The Migup

  1. Definitely adding these places to my must-visit list! The Gardens By The Bay look particularly interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  2. omg… I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at the Gardens by the Bay building the same way ever again…

    Connie from theconbonz

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