Singapore: Keep Calm, Use Wifi


Ok, I can try and be one of the cool kids and say “travellers should not use their phones when abroad and should appreciate their surroundings and be more social”, but the truth is whatever your philosophy is on internet or no internet, I don’t care…Wifi makes my travelling more easier, convenient and fun. Why use a large map when you have google maps? Why bring a phrasebook when you have translation apps? And don’t forget whatsapp! What if you want to contact a local friend?…More importantly, what would you do if you misunderstood the meeting place? Disaster

When I was invited to Singapore I was so relieved to be provided with Changi Recommends portable wifi travel router (pictured). Having the first day off and totally free to do anything…my instant thought was to contact a uni friend, local instagrammers and explore the city as much as possible during my short stay there.

This was all possible thanks to the super fast connection of the travel router. The battery easily lasts just over 12 hours and can support multiple devices at once. Not to mention, I could immediately update you folks on the beautiful sights and introduce local talents. The registration was hassle free and can easily be rented at the Changi Recommends counter at any three terminals’ arrival halls in Singapore Changi Airport. With as low as $10/day you can enjoy unlimited 4g data access to wifi    (website: starting from $12/day for non-European markets and $25/day for European

Honestly thanks to the travel router I can really say the experience have enhanced for the better and seriously made a difference. Sorry to offend any anti-wifi travelling gurus.

*Thank you so much again to Changi Recommends and for a brilliant experience in Singapore*


6 Comments on “Singapore: Keep Calm, Use Wifi

  1. I made the mistake of not bringing a physical map OR data on a solo trip to Japan thinking there would be plenty of WiFi in cafes– big mistake 😦 There was a lot of standing in front of an entrance hoping my local friends would somehow see me in the crowds… I’ll have to keep those little WiFi hubs in mind for next time!

    • Yes, when I had a wifi router it saved a lot of stress~and so wifi will not be at the back of your mind when exploring a new place!

  2. Portable wifi routers are great, really useful for traveling.

    Awesome photos of Singapore as well – looks amazing.

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