Star Trek


Howdy howdy howdy! It seems like forever since I did a full proper post.  Just came back from Hong Kong yesterday and was so inspired by the architecture I thought it was time to finally post up Seoul’s own finest attempt at being unique….sarcasm much?

What looks like an fusion of a spaceship from Star Trek and a metal blob, the Dongdaemun Design Plaza is not only home to Seoul Fashion Weeks but it’s also what I consider a photographer’s playground.  Its curves, lines, and squares give a photographer infinite variations and possibilities.  As well as photogenic, the DDP also host unique exhibitions and important launch gatherings, hence it’s an important structure for media events.

What I love about the DDP is when it lights up at night.  It really looks like you are in a set of a futuristic movie.  Its flickering lights and LED rose garden surely makes the DDP an eye opener for visitors.  However if I am totally honest, if I wasn’t into photography or instagram, like most members of the public, I might think this architecture will feel and look a little….random?

Thanks to Angela for not helping me up from falling down the stairs and taking pictures of me. ^^


7 Comments on “Star Trek

  1. Great photos! I loved the DDP when I went (and I didn’t even realise that fashion week was on until I got there and saw tons of tall, stylish people and people with big cameras…).

    I’m surprised that you say that non-photographers would find the architecture random. I’m pretty sure that a lot of people love it, even if they’re not into photography. It’s awesome!

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