Bad Media


Aloha, sorry for the lack of posts….busy as a duck!

During the past few weeks I have kept a close eye on the social media, news etc etc in Korea and it’s so astonishing how there are so much bull crap, generalization, and negativity out there. A lot are targeting on ESL teachers and expats these days too.  The image of ‘expats’ in Korea is already so bad, do they have to degrade them further and further until they are the lowest specimen in the pyramid?

Might I remind people that these websites are only writing these kind of articles to get ‘clicks’.  They are not an accurate representation of reality….just like blogs (yup, this one included..lots of photo-shopping involved here) Kpop and Kdramas (sorry to ruin the fantasy).  So misleading right?  Ohhh the power of the internet…

Anyways I just really wanna give other expats out there a big high five. Never feel degraded and judged about what read in Korea, especially whether you are an English teacher, photographer, farmer etc.  Nobody knows who you are and what journey you are heading for.  We live to feed our souls with something that we are passionate about…and should not be wasted on time proving to others that you are HOT!

Stay positive folks!  


Pictures: Osulloc Green Tea Farm, Jeju Island.


7 Comments on “Bad Media

  1. Hello from Maryland. I just recently started following you on Instagram, so I’m not too familiar with your background. I just know you take amazing pics. However, I became interested in learning more about your blog since i’ve recently become fascinated with Korean culture. I was a History major with a minor in Asian Studies so basically I have a fascination with any Asian culture. 🙂 I think mostly because it was so different , hence exotic, from my own. Anyhow, my son recently became stationed in Okinawa and next year I have a chance to visit both Japan and S Korea. I’m in the process of doing some research to narrow it down to the best cities/towns to visit. It’s sad to know that I might not get a warm welcome when I’m so excited about visiting. I can only hope that the people will feel my sincerity and treat me accordingly.

    • Hello Shay Anne~

      You may have misunderstood the context as this post is not in any way referring to tourists or people visiting, but foreigners in Korea who are working as English Teachers.

      I also did not state that Koreans will be unwelcoming to visitors…i was primarily targeting the online press and media nowadays talking a lot of rubbish.

      Koreans are probably the nicest people you can encounter and you would have no problems when you are visiting. This is a great country to explore. I still love it here!

      • Yes, I had assumed it was foreigners in general since no one would really know if I was a teacher, ex-pat or whatnot. it’s good to know I read it wrong.

    • Hi Shay Ann! I visited Seoul three months ago as a tourist. People there treated me and my friends very well. In fact, some of them helped us to order as we do not speak or read Korean, some of them joined us for drinks, some of them helped us to get a cap and explained the taxi driver where we needed to get off (as the previous driver did not understand) at 1am. Not to mention that the Koreans who helped us did not speak English very well. So, don´t worry 😉

      Funnily, I cannot say the same about Japanese. I have been staying in Tokyo for three months and the experiences there were completely different.

      Have a great week!

      • Thanks, Cat. When I went to China I had a similar experience as you with the locals. it really helps for a good trip when the locals embrace you and are hospitable. It also helps that I’m very open to trying new things. When I visit S Korea next year, I will also be visiting Japan. I’m trying to pick up some basics about the language and culture before visiting. I really envy you that you can spend an extended amount of time in another country. Have a wonderful experience!!

      • Cat, do you Instagram? I’d love to check out the pics of your travels. I’m shay.ann.

  2. Morning almost afternoon, how I should call you,hehe. Sorry for bad english writing, I still learn & learn.
    From above wrote here…
    I just realize… from the first I know South Korea have, such Kdrama also Kpop … I don’t really study what happen in the KR itself, the facts or reality
    So that’s true, you said ‘fantasy’
    For years I dream to watch concert,etc but now I can be think more positive than imagination though today I still spend my time for Kdrama /Kpop because I judge myself, just suitable with KR entertainment even I don’t enjoy my entertainment program in the countryT.TT during college time
    The last I want to say, I’ve follow your IG and like your white scenery^^
    I’m @naditaan.

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