Do you have a ritual every year?

Every Autumn season when the time is at its peak I always try to come back here to BaekyangSa in Jangseong.  The first ever school I taught was also in Jangseong so in a way this feels a little like visiting my home county….so many memories here…ahhh.

Baekyangsa lies hidden within Naejangsan which is famous for its foliage and trails burning with fiery red maple leaves.  The downside to this is that when it comes to Autumn foliage in Korea you have to get the timing perfectly right.  You won’t really know until you go and see or hear it from word of mouth.  If you aren’t lucky it might either be too early or too late, however the vibrant colors coming from the ahjumma and ahjussi’s hiking outfits will surely be an amusing replacement to the colors of Fall.  Man…it’s so sad to see all this go very soon…

Where is your favorite place to see the Autumn foliage?


4 Comments on “Rituals

  1. I live in Namwon, Jeollabukdo, and it’s absolutely gorgeous here right now! I bike along the river to get to one of my schools, and the trees are all sorts of colors. Sadly, there were a few snowflakes this morning, so it’s probably going to all freeze over very soon.

  2. I live in Norway..and here is so beautiful when the autumn comes there are so many colour and..and it’s really beautiful🍂

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