Instagram – 9월 & 10월


[From left to right] ~ 

1.  Dolmeori beach (Hwasun)   2.  Cabin fever in Boseong   3.  Missing the sea   4.  Little dutch village in Boseong   5.  Healing   6.  Fall in full force   7.  Jeju memories   8.  Suncheon reeds   9.  Icon of Sucheon marshes


10.  Brunch at Suji’s   11.  Which one is your favorite?   12.  Cheesy mornings   13.  Melona bar   14.  Full traditional Korean lunch   15.  Macaron ice cream burger   16.  Lunch at Le Alaska with ABC Korea   17.  Pungeo ice cream   18.  Italian escapism.


19 to 27.   All pictures from the #wwim10Seoul Instameet in Byeokhwa village, Naksan Park, and Dongdaemun Design Plaza.


28.  The perfect afternoon ‘ME’ time   29.  Three simple things are needed in my life   30. coz’ a fresh loaf of bread is way more interesting than books   31.  This Starbucks is amazeballs   32. Blind date   33.   Found a new cafe spot in Gwangju Art street   34.  Picture featured on the front of Funko’s new pamphlets   35. How I see food   36.  Shooting break with a mango smoothie.


37 to 45. Snaps from the Haneul Park (Sky Park) Silver grass festival in Seoul.


46.  Han cruising   47.  Umbrella campaign in Gwanghwamun   48.  All Starbucks should look like this   49.  Conference at the 63 Building   50.  Quack!   51.  Squares   52.  The war hero on this tower   53.  Under the bridge   54.  Seoul view.




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7 Comments on “Instagram – 9월 & 10월

  1. Wow😍Just are an amazing photographer.I read your blog and It’s definitely one of my favorites blog ever😱most of all because I love art like drawing,architecture,photography and more I love Korea*~*I’ve never been there but I hope one day I will haha anyway Wow

  2. Hi Hi,

    Thanks for the awesome photos 🙂
    For Boseong Cabin Fever, is that a guesthouse or something? 🙂
    I would like to know more about accommodation in Boseong ^^

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