Silver Wind


My favourite season has arrived as the autumn musk has hit Korea in full force.

When people think of Autumn foliage they quickly suggest the fiery red maple trees throughout Korea. However I think my new addiction this year round is the field of silver grass located up in a mountain of Sky Park (하늘공원), Seoul.

Once you visit there you may encounter many ahjummas, ahjhussis, and countless couples holding those hideous selfie sticks. I really don’t understand the immense popularity of selfe sticks…why are they so popular in Korea? They remind me of those circus clowns balancing a spinning dish on a stick. Why would you want a picture with your girlfriend holding a metal rod in your hand? Such a romantic shot right? Someone please enlighten me…

Anyways I can go on for a millennium about how much I want to snatch every selfie stick from a couple and snap them in half…but in the meantime I just want to be one of the silver grass…standing there with my arms up all day and swaaay~~~with the wind.


*Portrait shots by Angela (Wow, what a talent!), edited by Seoul State of Mind*


17 Comments on “Silver Wind

  1. Beautiful shots. I really loved what you did there. The selfie sticks are an enigma to me. I don’t get them nor why people love them. It’s a craze that’s swept over Korea for sure. My first experience with them was at the Cherry Blossom in Jinhae this year. That’s the first memory I have of them. Anyway, great post. I love your work.

  2. Just visiting Korea to see the autumn foliage, so you already put something new to enjoy the view.
    Thanks, Camila (I also was thinking that here those sticks were an oddity).

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