Han Cruising


You would think the boat’s rocking motion and an all you can eat buffet would be a bad combination, but surprisingly the boat was smooth sailing and no toilets were destroyed by nauseating consumers.  Hell yiz!

I have a little ‘thing’ with buffets because let’s face it, have you ever had a buffet where the quality is exquisite and at a reasonable price at the same time?  Nope…never…ever…zilch.  Nowadays people go to a buffet not because of the quality of food, but because of the insane variety it has and you can play a game of Jenga on your plate using the available food without thinking about extra costs.

The E-land lunch buffet cruise was no exception, but it’s acceptable because the food here (which is actually quite yum) is not the main attraction, but the whole package of Seoul city drifting past your window along with an all you can eat Korean/Western style buffet. Once you have eaten as much as you could you can either check out the deck or sit back with your Americano and enjoy the moment.

One important tip about this special lunch buffet is that I would strongly recommend arriving 30 minutes early as you can turn up and start eating immediately.  Turned up on time and people were already scoffing down the food =(




-Special thanks to Funtastic Korea for this wonderful experience~


9 Comments on “Han Cruising

  1. May I ask what camera and lense did you shoot with for the Han Cruising piece. Beautiful!

  2. Great photos. I’m looking forward to seeing the Han soon. Been to Seoul quite a few times but never made it to this part of the city. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be sharing this as well:)

  3. Hello
    Just like to know how to purchase the tickets for the buffet lunch cum the cruise? Going to pay Seoul a visit in Nov. 🙂

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