Hava’ Copper Coffee

hoho myoll 1
hoho myoll 6
hoho myoll 2
hoho myoll 5
hoho myoll 3

Indie coffee shops are my sanctuaries. They are usually where the best ideas for prospective photo shoots and projects for the blog are born, and it is also an excuse to indulge and try out every blend of coffee and their fresh homemade sandwiches.

This place? It caught my attention one morning because of the big white elephant in the room, and by elephant I mean that V-Wagon in the middle of the room, minus the schnoss.

Hoho Myoll café in Seoul is like a mixture of a child’s tree house and Dumbledore’s office. It was the morning where I sat here needing to organizing dates and schedules on my planner, but constantly distracted by the surrounding vintage copper coffee tools, props, and the obvious obsessions with VW toy cars. A waft of roasted coffee beans can be smelt constantly and it was quite amusing watching the barrister trainee being scolded at.

*Photowalk/Instameet Update*

If you didn’t see on my facebook page update, I’m planning a little photowalk/instameet so photography and instagram lovers can come together, explore, snap, and do what we love, but as a community. Am currently researching different routes so in the meantime drop me a message if you are interested ^^

Until next time~


7 Comments on “Hava’ Copper Coffee

  1. It’s so original putting a van in the middle of the room. Love the copper cups! Definitely on my list.


  2. Hey Ken 🙂 it’s so nice reading ur blog and seeing ur supper pic on ig. I’d love to do a photowalk and actually I only stay here during summer, and i’m livin in Jeonju. So tell me anytime u go to jeonju 😀

  3. I never tire of your photography. Keep it up! Love this feature. Might be visiting South Korea in the coming year, hope you’ll be organising more of these meets! 🙂

  4. Hi! So excited to have accidentally tumbled into your blog. Just a quick question, what camera/lens are you using?! I’m still interested in photography but just hard to get myself to take pictures since they don’t come out nicely 🙂 and your blog gives me great ideas when I visit Korea again!

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  6. I totally, utterly feel you on how a beautiful, unique cafe can be a creative cocoon. I fell in live with Korea’s cafe culture when I lived there and it’s one of my dreams to open up such a sanctuary of my own one day :)) love the shots as always

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