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This is in fact my second time in this European-esque amusement park.  To be frank, at the first time I didn’t enjoy it as much, mainly because it was overly packed with people and the rides involved waiting for more that an hour and a half each.  The heat from last year was pretty intense too so all I remember was when we literally went on any shit rides we could find, just for a good quality air conditioner.

However since this time round I went on a weekday with Mimsie and the difference it made was immense.  A maximum of 5 minute waiting times for the best rides in Everland and no crowds, it was like the place was all ours.

Now, I admit I am ‘ok’ with rides, with the exception of the Banana/Viking boat.  Just watching the movement the Buccaneer makes me queasy.  However I love rides that involved turning upside down.  Coincidentally, Mimsie couldn’t deal with rides that involve being tossed upside down, but she loves the Viking boat.  So with a pact made in not going on either, we both agreed to ride on the King of rides, the T-Express at least, and so we did.  This was actually the ride that I chickened out of the first time round.  If you look at it…you’ll understand.

However to my surprise, I realised why I did not enjoy Everland the first time round.  It was because the T-express IS Everland.  No matter how scary it looked, once the ride finished, it was the best adrenaline rush I’ve ever had.  Hope I didn’t swear too much during the ride?  ^^ If you havn’t experienced the T-Express, you haven’t experienced Everland.

Another surprise was the Kpop Holographic concert.  It was another ‘oh god here we go’ moment, but the holographs looked so realistic (combined with the cool air conditioned room), they looked really real.  It was a great finish to a fun, but intense day.

*This post was in collaboration with Seoul Mansion and Funtastic Korea*




4 Comments on “Everland Express

  1. I will come here next year! Now that I have seen the photos I can’t wait even more. By the way what is the quickest way to get there ma I ask?

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