Grass and Wind

olle 121

A lot of people ask me what is so special about the Olle Trails in Jeju Island?  Well, I remember seeing a recurring pattern of people taking express buses and taxis and hopping from one location to another.  The beauty of the Olle trails is that you will not miss the hidden beauty that sleeps in between these beautiful locations.  It also promotes a healthier lifestyle and you will always get a sense of healing after a few hours walk. I’m pretty sure the fresh scent of greenery and the unique Jeju wind is much healthier than an air conditioner at full blast.  Korea doesn’t know how to control their air con power!

I mentioned this previously here, it really is like an adventure, you’ll never know what you will come across whether it’s other friendly walkers or the unexpected natural beauty you stumble across which is inaccessible via public transport.

On the last note, I keep getting emails about people not being able to visit these BEAUTIFUL trails because they cannot speak any Korean. Who will you talk to when walking these trails? A tree?  Even getting there shouldn’t be a problem either as the guesthouse/hotel in which you will be staying in will provide you detailed information about the island and how to get there.  I spoke no Korean whatsoever during my first time in Jeju~ ~ piece of cake.


4 Comments on “Grass and Wind

  1. Thank you so much for these beautiful photos. Since it may be a while before I can visit South Korea this makes it feel like I am already there.

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  3. thanks for the nice pictures, I should be there in a few weeks. I expect coming back for walking on Jeju Olle Trail.
    Isabelle from FRANCE

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