Botanical Glass

Seoul Greenhouse 010
Seoul Greenhouse 002
Seoul Greenhouse 004
Seoul Greenhouse 001
Seoul Greenhouse 005
Seoul Greenhouse 006
Seoul Greenhouse 003
Seoul Greenhouse 008
Seoul Greenhouse 007
Seoul Greenhouse 009

When my sis and I were hunting for this botanical looking greenhouse we saw it was labelled on the map as ‘PR Room’. At first I was like “What the heck…?”…is this a place where PRs have their meetings? Coz’ I certainly do not see any tables, chairs, and an instant coffee maker. So yeah….if you want to find this little glass hut search for the ‘PR Room’….lulz

If you are not familiar with it already as I have said countless times, I’m a complete and utter noob when it comes to camera equipment. I remember talking to my sis inside this very greenhouse located inside Changgeyong Palace about how expensive certain polarized filters costs. Of course I had no idea what a polarized filter was, so I asked what it looks like. She described it and I froze.

…I did a post on Jeju many months ago and I mentioned about dropping a certain ‘camera piece’ down the mountain. I didn’t express much concern that time coz’ I didn’t even know what it was! Turned out it was a polarized lense after all……..hehe…


If anyone finds a little glass petri-dish looking thing on that mountain…may it be a wise reminder for those to look after their equipment and not throw money down the mountain…


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