[From left to right]~

1.  Traditional Hanok house   2.  Conservatory in HyeHwa   3.  Morning village walk   4.  Impressive macaron display   5.  Dongdaemun Design Plaza   6.  Marriott style breakfast   7.  Hotel window view of the East Gate   8.  Cheonggyecheon   9.  The soldier stands.


10.  Korean ceramics   11.  Two is a better company   12.  Peeping Tom   13.  Beautiful alley walk   14.  Hanok stay in Anguk   15.  Love this neighborhood!   16.  Bikes as displays   17.  Back to the 1960s…   18.  JeongGwangSu cafe for breakfast.


19.  Pouring down and stuck in a building   20.  Hanboks!   21.  Under my umbrella ella ella  22.  The DDP in Seoul have some of the most intriguing things    23.  Photowalk with Sis   24.  Hunting things to Instagram with sis   25.  PVC cherry blossoms   26.  Juxtoposition   27.  A million roses garden in Bucheon


28.  Toys to play with~ thank you Hanaru Park and Projecteo   29.  Afternoon tea with sis   30.  Money gas   31.  Eggs Benedict…no Cumberbatch   32.  Shoot with Hanaru Park Jewelry  in Banana tree cafe   33.  Me and my cuppa’   34.  Korean toast for breakfast   35.  Beating the heat with cold drinks and rolls   36.  Melon Bingsoo!

Keep up to date with my Korean travels via Instagram ~ @seoul_stateofmind


5 Comments on “[Instagram]~Juin

  1. I love your photographs, but they make me miss Korea so much! I live vicariously through your adventures…

  2. This looks amazing. Would you have any recommendations for a first time visitor to Seoul? Am planning to visit some cafes 🙂

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