Seoul Slicker Pt.2


Twas’ actually quite sad that my sister, Kit (Style Slicker) left Korea…she’s very lucky in a way that back in London she already has a group of friends who are in the ‘blogging bubble’~ I’m not envious the fact that she knows them but rather she can hang with a group of people who have the same interest and hobby….i mean I wish I can find a buddy who can travel around Korea with from morning to evening just to Instagram a coffee shop or a dead cat on the sidewalk…~ sounds like a stupid hobby right but sounds so fun at the same time!  Who wants to be stupid with me?

Anyhoo, just want to say a big thanks to Kit and JW Marriott Hotel (Dongdaemun) for hosting us.  It has been a brilliant three days.

If you missed Sis and I’s Seoul ventures check out part one here~


9 Comments on “Seoul Slicker Pt.2

  1. Never stayed in any fancy hotels in Seoul, though Jeju has some nice ones. Generally stick to the guesthouses/economical places while hanging out there. Nice pics! Looked like a lovely place to stay.

  2. I would love to just be able to travel through through every corner of Korea. But it’s not going to happen any time soon for me, since I’m a poor uni student. My urge to travel Korea just gets bigger every time I see your posts!!

  3. My boyfriend and I will be moving to Seoul in August and decided to start blogging when we get there 🙂 I instagram anything worth snapping a pic of and regret not doing a better job of capturing my previous stay in Seoul. We’d be more than happy to spend many days wandering around with you!

  4. As an photography and Instagram addict, I can understand your ‘envy’ for sure. My friends know I’d be willing to do almost anything for a good photo or go out of my way to go somewhere photo-worthy – problem is, I don’t know anyone who shares the same interest. Too bad I don’t live in Seoul, but I live vicariously through your photos!

  5. pretty sure your other sisters would jump at the chance to go to Seoul just to instagram with you!

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  7. Exploring Seoul and documenting it with photos sounds amazing, I really wish I could do it right now! haha I lived in Seoul for 4 months last year and it was one of the best experiences of my life, I definitely plan on coming back. ;p

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