Seoul Slicker Pt.1


If you havn’t noticed on my Twitter and Instagram account, my oldest sister, Kit was in town! She went to Hong Kong for vacation as well as to promote her newly released book “Adorn”. So when she told me she will come by Seoul for some fun…I was UBER excited….not just for being with her…but for a marathon of photowalks and ummm shall I say a little friendly competition? Muahaa

I’ve literally been waiting for this moment for about 2 years…the last time I was with my sister, this very blog was just a baby year old, but now we have both have come a long way, career and skills wise… so what better way to do some sibling bonding than roam around the city with our huge ass DSLR and Instagram cameras?

For once it really is nice to explore a city with someone who has the same interest and passion as you do, it was quite a nice banter, constantly telling each other off for not capturing shots properly or complaining about the loss of Instagram followers…just wish I can meet that kind of person here when my sister leaves….any lifestyle/travel/Instagram obsessed photographers out there in Korea???
If you havn’t checked Kit’s awesomely popular blog, Style Slicker, check it out for some next level photography!


13 Comments on “Seoul Slicker Pt.1

  1. i am travel/instagram/photography obsessed but i cannot say i have travelled to many places or am good at photography/instagram! :p
    instagram: @lamaging

  2. Have been following your blog and instagram for quite a while, the photos u took are awesome 🙂 seoul‘s beauty is fully captured by your camera :):) 화이팅!!!

  3. I love your pictures. You make nice places look even more beautiful.

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  6. Your photos make Seoul even more beautiful than it already is. 🙂 Love your captures!

  7. Hi Ken, I found you on instagram a few days ago when I was pondering whether to go back to Seoul this summer. Your photos are simply stunning. They have totally convinced me to go back and I’ve just booked my flights! Thanks for being an inspiration.

  8. Hi! I live in Seoul and I like photography and I like oreo cookies, let’s be friends!

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