Under Thirty


I was talking to a well known street fashion photographer friend the other day and decided I would bombard him with personal questions as well as to seek advice from someone who has experienced the photography industry first hand.

However the advice he gave me was something nobody could control, no matter how hard a person tries or how talented that person is. The deal is, for licensed mags or major publications…you’ll almost never get given a chance if you are under thirty.  Even though my friend seemed successful; getting published in fashion magazines, having his own studio, working with celebrity models all the time….he said ‘that’ was actually ‘cheap work’ and preparation for the future. In fact all of his friends, like him who are in their late twenties are still focusing on preparing for their future.

Student => Assistant => Photographer

That was the formula…or give up.  He also mentioned being in the ‘Assistant’ phase was pretty rough times.  Any famous photographers who want to take me under their wing?  I can make you coffee every morning ~~~~~~ ^^^

Bum…probably won’t happen~ and i’m not sure how i will respond if i get a dictator as a mentor~ But damn…if I thought I could make it before thirty years old, how arrogant must I have been in thinking that?

While I figure out how to put my foot in the industry as well as how to fast forward time…I guess I’ll just have to keep improving my skills…or indulge in this Patbingsoo from the Takeout Drawing cafe in Itaewon…

coz it’s gettin’ hot hot hot.


Oh and if there are any Photographer Assistants out there, I would love to hear your experience!


One Comment on “Under Thirty

  1. I love your blog AND photography! I lived in Seoul before, will be returning in August, and you make me feel like I missed so much. You make me wish August was tomorrow. Keep doing what you do 🙂

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