[Instagram] ~ May O’ Clock

[From left to right]

Insta may 1

1.   Toilet cafe   2.  PaDalk (파닭)   3.  Enjoying finger food at the opening launch of Moonbow   4.  Preparing for TOPIK level 3/4   5.  BbyeoHaeJangGuk (뼈해장국)   6.  Berry Bingsu!   7.  Kimbap   8.  Sweet potato latte   9.  Mixed fruit bingsu!

Insta may 2

10.  Wherever you walk, there will always be a hint of culture and history.   11.  Giraffe on the loose   12.  Hanok houses in Bukcheon   13.  63 kind of morning   14.  Under my umbrella ella ella   15.  Han river chillin’   16.  Mind the door   17.  Beautiful weather and lunch by the Han river   18.  Cycling at the Han River~


Will be travelling around Korea quite a bit this June~ Stay tuned! 😉


Instagram: @seoul_stateofmind


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