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Whoever came up with the idea of transforming the image of poop into a cute icon and a sell-able item deserves a sticker. I guess that’s the power of marketing for you. When studying Marketing during my uni days I secretly nicknamed my major as ‘the art of brainwashing’, because that’s what it really is. The ability to make people think that a worthless item is a premium necessity seems like such a cool skill back then. Being able to transform junk into money? Hellz yeah!

Well~ that all changed when I got here I guess. Koreans, I think are one of the best ‘passive’ marketers in the world, and by ‘passive’ I do not mean in the form of TV ads, but the use of popular idols through film, music and other various forms of media. You can clearly see just how they use them to seduce the public….so clever, so cunning…but at the same time…disturbing, especially with this issue I mentioned this issue before….business leaders of Korea, just….leave the kids alone, OK?

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut cute faces on poop and toilet mugs? I’ll buy that anyday~ Is it wrong to say that every time I see that cute poop, it brings a smile to my face? Imagine cute faces actually appeared on your poop in real lif…actually that’s a lil’ creepy. Let’s not go there~ Anyways kudos to this café for making good use of those horrid squatting toilets as plant pots. Whether it’s historical and cultural thing or not…all I can say is that whenever I see one in the bathroom…me is not a happy face, they all should just GO~

*Note*: the poo bread pictured is not available on the café menu but was bought outside.

How to get there?

Anguk station exit 6

Walk through Insadong culture street and enter the Samziegil outdoor shopping mall.  The cafe is located at the top floor next to the poo bread stall.


14 Comments on “Poop!

  1. ahhh I remember this! The photo of you laughing…I remember that very well. “Natasha, make Ken laugh” …Ken laughed hysterically and asked, “Tash, what did you do?”. Natasha was very good at impersonating Michael Jackson’s nose…

  2. I’ve seen cute poop characters a lot in Korea, they somehow have a strange obsession with poop hahah.
    Your pictures are nice, I like the mix of colored photos with some b/w ones.

  3. Wow!! I stayed an Angguk the last time I was there but did not notice this poop cafe lol. I will be sure to visit the next time I am there! Thanks! Love all your photos! 😀

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  5. Hey ! I’ve been following you and saw you again on the Seoulstic website 🙂

    My mom likes weird things like this, I’m gunna take her here when she comes. Thanks!

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