Han Riviera

hanriver 1

Now that the heat is kicking in, one requires an orbiting air conditioner wherever he goes. Until someone invents that shizzle I guess the closest to it will be cycling through the breezy and somewhat polluted air by the Han River.  
It is probably the peak season to cycle as the weather is so perfect! Although during weekends you will probably see a flock of couples and hordes of tents set up, which obstruct your view of the gorgeous Han Riviera. Excessive couples mean excessive tandem traffic…please be careful~ also refrain from using a chainsaw to cut down every single love abode blocking your path.

Having your own bike is not necessary as you can rent them at a cycling booth for as little as $3 an hour.  Cycling around 5.30pm will enable you to catch that jaw dropping sunset that you can’t really see from anywhere else in Seoul. Cycling whilst jamming to Akdong Musician’s album on my ipod brings this atmospheric ride to the next level…

…200% sure of that~




5 Comments on “Han Riviera

  1. haha, “also refrain from using a chainsaw to cut down every single love abode blocking your path” – is this a normal compulsion? And yes I definitely think AkMu’s album is perfect for cycling.

  2. I always loved to stroll along the Hangang. And can relate to the “chainsaw” bit !
    Unfortunately, as great London can be, walking along the Thames river will never be the same as doing it in Seoul.
    Great pictures!

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  4. Akdong!! And I thought your blog was already perfection on its own, I had to see that you listen to Akdong Musician. You are officially my favorite. 🙂

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