The left side of my brain has decided to take the form of Gollum recently and say “you suck at everything, loser”.

Been in a little photography kind of slump in these past few days. I get either get extremely bored of my photography style, or feel like there’s no growth at all….still sloppy, and feels so monotonous. To make myself feel better I tend to blame it on almost everything I can think of or even what’s around me…is it the camera? The lense? My lack of skill?  Or the empty cup of dried tea leaves next to my computer which has been left there for weeks…pah

Following other bloggers with amazing photography can really be a double edged knife. I often use it as a source of inspiration, but here and then I feel like I have light years to go. And then my Gollum of a brain fights with itself giving me a massive headache and ultimately leaves me in a slump. It happens about once every three months where I look at this blog, or the photos that I have taken and think “everything is SO shit” 

Normally when negativity invades you counter it with solutions. “Maybe I need to buy a new and improved lense?” or “change your snail pace of a computer so that it can be fast enough to run photoshop” or even “move out of your apartment and settle at the centre of Seoul”. Brrrgh….Is there a way to solve this without costing a frick amount of money?
I’m scratching through a brick wall


Get yourself together Ken….Go to Naju and look at these gorgeous Canola flowers by the river….and perhaps jump off~


Let’s pray for a more upbeat post next time~ heh


9 Comments on “Gollum

  1. It’s funny because I look at your work and think mine is shit. ㅠ.ㅠ Anyway, cheer up and 화이팅!

  2. I’m sure every creative person struggles with this. It can be a drive but also a little suffocating at times. I very much relate to this post. ^__^ Just keep going!

  3. It sounds as if you need some perspective, dude.

    Your blog is great and your photography is beautiful but you see it every day so it’s easy to forget. Maybe put the camera in a drawer for a day or two; soon enough you’ll go into withdrawal and before you know it you’ll be taking pictures again, feeling fresh.

    Remember: ‘absence make the heart grow fonder’.

  4. awww ken, everyone faces a slump now and again. but i really enjoy reading your blog and looking through your pictures! and i think the good thing about being part of a creative process is that you inject your own color into the work. it doesn’t matter if others’ work looks better because your work is unique in its own way!

  5. Love your pics! Just recently been to Korea. Spring weather was really great!

  6. Hi Ken, please don’t jump off the river! We are always our own worst critic. But the value and quality of your work should never only be defined by comparisons! P.S. Please check your email!

  7. Hi Ken!

    Just wanted to say I really admire your photography style! It’s always so vibrant and whimsical! I’m actually in Korea right now (originally from US) and have been going to Seoul for a couple of days every week. I’ve look through your blog and IG for places to visit and I definitely wish I can capture Seoul the way you do! For this week, I am going to try and visit some of the cafes you’ve been visited because they all look so interesting! Seoul is such a coffee addict haven and I love it! I’m also going to rent a bike and ride around the Han River and it’s funny that you just posted about it. Anyways, I just wanted to say don’t feel down! There are many people who admire your work and are itching to visit the places you’ve showcased on your blog 🙂

  8. i feel the same way – but like ching said hahah… i look at your blog and im like GOD EVERYTHING I DO IS SHIT. and yeah, too broke to move on from this 50mm 1.8 lolol.

    ps are you shooting with a leica?

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