[Instagram] Aprillo


From left to right~

1.  Takeout drawing cafe   2.   Doorporno   3.  Vintage store this way   4.  Cheonggyecheon at dusk   5.  Pray for South Korea   6.  Han River cycling   7.  Unique shops at Samcheong dong   8.  Blow your cash  9.  Cafe interiors are important for shallow people like me.


10.  Pimp my van…or shop?    11.  Myeongdong brings the night to life   12.  Wine and dine   13.  Good morning Seoul   14.  Namsan hiking   15.  Last train home   16.  The star of Samcheondong   17.  Got these awesome Origami instagram prints from a client   18.  The bubble man at Insadong.


19.  Waffle brothel at Thanks Nature Cafe   20.  Bibimbap   21.  Waiting for my dinner~ Kimbap   22.  The Chapche at the center is MINE   23.  Eating your Instagram wall for dessert ~ Collab with Boomf   24.  The best pork cutlet restaurant I’ve been to so far…   25.  I like to eat shit sometimes   26.  Korean BBQ   27.  Naengmyeon.


28.  Engrossing over the visual brilliance of my sister’s book: Adorn   29.  COffee break with clients   30.  Signed, sealed, delivered…ADORN!   31.  Grapefruit-ade with the sheep (Thanks Nature Cafe)   32.  On cloud nine with cotton candy latte   33.  Happy Easter!   34.  Meringue espresso   35.  Take a dump and drink it   36.  Summer feelin’ with raspberry mojito and jujube bingsu.


37.  Cherry blossoms makes the world a better place   38.  The day where Hanbok and marshmallows are a match made in heaven   39.  Gyeongbuk palace’s garden   40.  Shooting for a Jeweller   41.  Naju Canola flowers festival   42.  Cherry Cherry   43.  Afloat    44.  Sakura Express  45.  Stairway to Sakura


Oh April April April…it was filled with joy, success, motivation, but also grief. I think we are all deeply heartbroken by the tragic Sewol ferry incident. Deepest condolences to families and friends affected…

For daily Instagram updates ~ @seoul_stateofmind


2 Comments on “[Instagram] Aprillo

  1. Hi! I’m truly, honestly and downright in love with your blog. I love Korea and any time I miss it I look at your blog and instantly feel better. You take beautiful photos and your Instagram is all sorts of awesome. Just wanted to say thanks for having and maintaining such an awesome blog!

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