Sweet Reflection

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It has really been full of ups and downs during my 2 years here in Korea… The things I have actually done, achieved, and even failed made me think “Did I really do all that?”. Seriously thank goodness all my memories have mostly been documented here. I also feel blessed to have witness the continuous growth of this blog, and whether you are a silent reader or a one click wonder, just wanna say thanks, and keep sticking around! hehe

I was suddenly reflecting because I was choosing out pictures from my Instagram feed for Boomf’s magic mallows. Seriously, what a cool and unique way to preserve my memories~~ and bonus, I get to devour them all. Each picture from my Instagram wall has a personal story to it, an unforgettable experience, a piece of my memory. I just think that one day, if I give these mallows to you, you should know that I am giving a piece of my life to you. So you better appreciate them! Well there is an exception I guess with my mother…just Skyped with her the other day and she never knew I did photography or even knows this blog existed! The amount of times I told her and favorited my blog onto her ‘favorites’ menu on her desktop…sheesh~ I actually told her I earn money now helping people take photos…and she replied “Oh, you poor boy, are you sure you have enough money?”. =_= *sigh* first generation asian parents still don’t seem to have noticed the evolution of photography these days.

Moving on…

So here they are, my experiences, triumphs, failures, all in a form of edible marshmallows…indeed my time here so far has truly been a sweet one so far.


*Special thanks to Boomf for these delicious and fun marshmallows~


12 Comments on “Sweet Reflection

  1. Those magic mallows look good and I had to laugh out loud at the anecdote about your mum. Your blog is a great inspiration especially for someone like me who dreams of going to seoul.

  2. These photos are really beautiful. Love how you set the scene and worked those marshmallows into the post – definitely different to how I’ve seen them shot on other blogs and most definitely the best!! My mum doesn’t even understand blogging and thought my blog was Facebook for years!

  3. Keep on writing! This blog is amazing, not to forget those awesome and beautiful pictures too. Daebak!!

  4. Lol. That is the same with my mum. She has no idea what I am doing even after I told her many times. And we are living in the same household. -_-”

    I want a bite on those beautiful pictures! Haha.

  5. its been so long since I enjoyed a photography site. your pictures are so well-captured and I really enjoy your writing too!

  6. Your photos are so beautiful and artstic. The sweet color of traditional Hanbok goes well with the Korean book. The model is also beautiful. I love the atmosphere and the spirit of the photoshoots. ❤

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