Sakura Express


And boom, just like that. Like last year, that was how the cherry blossom season infected Korea with its lustrous beauty. Shorts, sunglasses are out, coats away, and couples flocking all over the place making out inappropriately whilst I try to study for the next Korean exam. This never usually ever happens but suddenly the impatient young’uns seemed to be more daring in the public eye~

I usually just bypass it but the other day I saw high/middle schoolers making out whilst holding and huffing and puffing a cigarette. I applaud them for their skills in multi-tasking, but I wouldn’t want to be making out with someone who smells and taste like ash residue from a cremated corpse. Ewck
Anyways~~~that aside, Spring just seems to cheer everybody up right?! Now that winter is gone it means more opportunities for travel, which means more content for this blog! Woop woop!

The above photos were taken at the amusement park by the Gwangju Art Museum. The ride I was on was um, well…the seatbelt was not stable and the cart kept rocking from side to side. Even though we were going at a snail pace my friend beside me kept squealing “아~~~어떻게!!!??”…Rather than scenes from The Notebook, let’s just say the scenes from the Final Destination movie kept reeling up in my head. Meh…I’m all up for a spring fling horror show~


5 Comments on “Sakura Express

  1. We went on one of these at Namisom. Hyo was so freaked out. Really gotta head to Gwangju one of these days. Great photos as always!

  2. Oh my gosh, these are SO lovely! Wow.

    I took some sakura pictures and put them up on my blog, but none this amazing. I love how you played with colors 🙂

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  4. I really like the way you tell us your story about a certain photoset, very random but very funny too! I look forward to seeing more of Korea’s beauty through your majestic photography. All your posts are making me want to fly to South Korea right this instant. Haha!

    Ken, is it possible to know what made you want to try out the life in South Korea? 🙂 Just really curious since you aren’t very eager about K-pop, I guess? (well, guessing from your posts…)

    P 🙂

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