Organic Fantasy

dadam 3

Although there are all these wise teachings about fighting heat with heat and cold with cold, I say screw all that and whip out that ice cream under the Sun.  Trust me, the risk in health will be worth it for this. I would especially like to introduce you to this amazing organic dessert café. So original yet traditional, and so yummy. What is so special about this dessert café is that their specialty, rice cake and other recipes are all homemade and organic. So none of those MSG, artificial crap that we usually find in foods these days.
Personal favourites: the pink cactus soft ice cream and green tea bingsoo (all pictured).  They are all make out-able.

Dadam cafe (다담) is quite exclusive to the city of Gwangju with only two branches. One being attached to the Gwangju Art Museum, and the other in central Gwangju, Geumnamro. If anyone finds a branch in Seoul, let me know?

The central city for Korean cuisine just never disappoints~

진짜 짱 맛있어


6 Comments on “Organic Fantasy

  1. Wow, a beautiful collection of mouth watering treats. Thank you for sharing your experience–you’re an awesome visual storyteller :}

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