Slow City


I’ve been thinking lately (surprise surprise) about what Seo Myung Suk (founder of Jeju Olle Trails) said in her speech during my stay at Jeju Island. Before the creation of the Olle Trails she wondered why people in Korea (or even in the world) are so one directionally driven into making money, climbing up the ranks, or achieving superb academic grades. So many children nowadays are spending more time indoors in academies rather than enjoying the simple pleasure of their environment. People nowadays are so driven in buying properties in high rise apartments, and then afterwards aim to get an even bigger one and so on.

Are we really put on Earth to save up for a Lambourghini?

That’s why sometimes I envy people who live in slow cities. Whenever I visit Jeju Island, the people seem to take it more easy…do what they love, or earn enough to get by whilst appreciating their social and natural environment. And the fact that they have less stress may be the reason why they look so much younger than their age!

…but most importantly, their grace and kindness…I’m always blown away by it~

BTW There’s a reason why they say ‘money is the root of all evil‘ haha I just wonder if there was no need for money anymore…will all the problems that humanity currently face in Korea all be solved? *AHEM* Suicide…

Anyways would love to know what you guys think too =D


4 Comments on “Slow City

  1. hi there!
    been a silence reader for a while but seeing this post, makes me want to comment some, since you also ask about it 😀

    i basically agree with you.
    actually it’s not only happen in Korea. i’m live in Indonesia and many people here also have the goal to be the high-society level.
    so, well yeah, maybe it also happen around the world too.

    dreaming to live in a society where all the people are kind and helpful with each other.
    saying hi to your neighborhood, being sincere about everything, not stabbing or gossiping each other.
    live in peaceful. cycling and walking around the city.
    hahaha am i being dreamy too much?
    i really want to try living that way though

    but i think it might be hard to live like that if we are living in a big city, where competition are all over the things.
    and our nature to live in community where people are fast and hardworking.
    i think what big-city-people need are holiday, take a short break and try to enjoy the slow cities.
    so they could feel fresh and start the day again 😉

    • Definitely agree here. You are not being dreamy at all…it’s just quite weird how something so simple has become so difficult and almost impossible to achieve ^^

      • hahaha you are right.
        we somehow make simple things difficult.
        anw, kind of envy your Jeju Olle trip.
        enjoy it! and make a great post often ^^

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