[Instagram] ~ Melodic March

Instamarch 1

[From left to right]

1.  Quirky cafes here, there, everywhere!  2.  Jjolmyeon and Kimbap  3.  Supermario is the fashion icon here, not G-dragon  4.  A van in a cafe?  5.  Not banana milk, but melon milk!  6.  Coffee by the balcony.

Instamarch 2

7.  In search for Polish ceramics  8.  Oreo cereal, only available in Korea  9.  Spring menu has arrived in cafes~ Berry mocha  10.  SNSDs Mr.Mr. ~ great song, terrible lyrics  11.  Kimchi Jiggae  12.  Unexpected independent cafe round the corner.

Instamarch 3

13.  Exploring the mural village in Gwangju  14.  Bossam feast!  15.  Cupcakes…expensive here  16.  The bear…  17.  All pumped and ready for Jeju Island18.  Morning dose of coffee.

Instamarch 4

19.  Sundubujiggae and Sundae kukbap all for $6  20.  Just you know…posing.  21.  End of Winter  22.  My sister’s book is out soon~ Adorn  23.  Multi-colored roof tops in Jeju  24.  Buy your cute Jeju olle ganse dolls!

Instamarch 5

25.  City of Seogwipo, Jeju  26.  Views never dissapoint when you are here…  27.  Canolas  28.  The most posh rice burger ever tasted  29.  Art and craft toy shop  30.  Duruchigi…so delicious!

Instamarch 6

31.  What’s great about the Jeju Olle course is that there is always a cafe nearby to take a breather  32.  Ohhh…food porn  33.  Using my skills for the Jeju Olle Volunteering organization  34.  This way?  That way?  35.  Goodbye Jeju  36.  Don-Gga-suh…or Money gas.

All i can say is good riddance to the nippy, butt biting cold air and fat goose feathered puffer jackets. Sun’s out, shorts out.  Cherry blossoms, canolas, mae-hwa, and azaleas have also all bloomed! April’s feed will be floral flollalalalalalalallal~

Check it out on my Instagram here!


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