Oh oh oh the weather is finally picking up!  The warm air is now here and flowers have already started to bloom.  It’s time to get out of my cave and start actively shooting again.  So many exciting things have been lined up for April in which you will all find out soon enough.

This mural village in Gwangju (Gakhwadong-shihwa-maeul 각화동 시화마을) that I came across via Instagram was very interesting, and also it was a difficult place to shoot pictures as the paths were so narrow.  Oh and I swore I had trodden on someone’s piss while trying to shoot…beware of corners!  What was quite intriguing was that most of these paintings were drawn by students from universities.  Some paintings even shows you the history and culture of Korea.

Oh and to hayfever and yellow dust sufferers…take care and good luck this Spring. *Achoo!*


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