[Instagram] Fat February

Instagram February 01

Looking back on my February Instagram feed I really want to count how many calories I have consumed. It also definitely explains as to why I have grown myself a pair of manboobs…Can’t help it, Korean food is so damn good and if I have the chance to eat like a Joseong King, why not?

Oh and I just turned 24!  Woop Woop~

[From left to right]

1. Peaceful countryside in Damyang   2.  Cotton candy latte in the Banana Tree cafe (post here)   3.   Cheese Dalkgalbi   4.  Fish Oddeng street food for dinner.   5.  Do you want to build a snowman?   6.  Cakes disguised as a plant pot.  

Instagram February 02

7.  Damyang DdeokGalbi   8.  Waiting for the train in the Seoul subway station.   9. Incheon International Airport still have their Christmas decorations up!   10.  Arrived in Hong Kong   11.  Perks of visiting family? Moneyzzzz   12.  Dim Sum.

Instagram February 03

13.  Hong Kong Breakfast – Pineapple buns and milk tea.   14.  I’m a tart…and egg tart.  15.  Village floating on a lake.   16.  Galbi goodness!  17.  PungoBbang with a custard filling.   18.  Potato soup – KamjaTang

Instagram February 04

19.  Sizzling samgyupsal   20.  Valentines luvin’    21.  Studying Korean and listening to ‘Set me free’ by SM the Ballad.   22.  Birthday bouquet    23.  Gifts and messages.  Thank you all.   24.  Snowboarding in Muju resort.  

Instagram February 05

25.  Nightboarding > Dayboarding   26.  Gyeongbuk Palace in Seoul   27.  Naked line of trees   28.  Which cake?   29.  Forget Kimchi, it’s pizza time!   30.  Jeyokbokkeum and side dishes all for $3!

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5 Comments on “[Instagram] Fat February

  1. Note to myself: I will get fat in Korea. Especially when the food is to cheap like in your last example! I really take your blog as inspiration and it excites me even more to go to Korea this year and study there 🙂 Also, happy belated birthday!

  2. I’m so glad I found your blog because you take amazing pictures and your writings are just as good as those pictures! 🙂 Your pictures remind me of my favorite photographer friends. Keep up the lovely work, Ken 🙂

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