No Pain No Gain


One of the main reasons I decided to stay in Korea for another year was because of snowboarding! Last year I had a taste of it during mid March as the snow was melting away. But oh damn was it great to be back, not only just snowboarding and riding the wind, but i couldn’t wait to take more photos of this resort for this blog…

…until I broke my lense.

I wasn’t carrying it out and about around my neck whilst boarding…in fact it was nicely padded inside my bag. I don’t get it, it was fine last year even though i fell and rolled over many times… T_T .  No regrets though…I think I would’ve beaten myself up more if I didn’t take any risks and went home pictureless…meh, so sorry guys for the lame post this week.

Trying to master the front edge technique I ended up with bruised knees, bruised back, a bruised purple arse, and an unfocusable lense…GAINS BRah!


Aaaaanyways there are more pictures on my Instagram account if you’re interested.  Just sayin’


5 Comments on “No Pain No Gain

  1. Great pictures!! They made me REALLY wanted to plan out a winter holiday to South Korea… there are plans but there’s no confirmation as yet. Iguess i’ll be chedking out more on your instagram ^_^

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