[Travel] Wife-i-less

Hong Kong

I know I said on my twitter account that I would Instagram like crazy when I get to Hong Kong, but lack of wifi really made me want to pull my hair out and give up.  At every corner of the street I try and see if I can steal anyones internet but no luck at all.  I think I was still in Korea mode where I thought wifi was available almost everywhere….dangit…my hands couldn’t resist taking out my phone even though i knew I couldn’t access Facebook…grrrr

Anyhow I’m really getting into Instagram-ing lately as it’s so much more convenient and fun.  My sister always goes on about ‘travel-gramming’ and I never really understood it.  But the more I practised taking Instagram pictures the better I got and it’s always great fun to instantly edit the photos on the spot…allllll in one device.

Due to some emergency family situations I flew to Hong Kong for the weekend.  Rather than taking pics of the usual touristy areas, I thought I might show you guys a nice hidden gem near where my grandparents live. The main picture is a fishing village staying afloat all year round.   I sometimes wonder what will happen where there is a typhoon or something…

instagram hong kong

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4 Comments on “[Travel] Wife-i-less

  1. Haha, I totally know how you feel about lack of wifi! I am in the same boat right now… no wifi = no social media, yay? anyway, thank you for sharing the HK pictures 🙂 Can’t wait to see more!

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