Cotton & Cube

바나나 트리
바나나 트리
shovel spoon
바나나 트리
Park and Cube

When someone visits from London you would generally have an idea as to where to take them to or recommend. However when Shini of Park and Cube came to Seoul and asked me whether there is a photogenic/scenic place that I can take her, for the first time my brain was empty. Obviously you would take them to places like Namsan Tower or Gyeongbuk palace and all the other touristy spots. However since she will already go there with her husband later this week… where else IS there where you don’t have to hike up for hours or travel outside of Seoul. Photogenic….scenic….non-touristy….Seoul….hah….good question!

For once I really appreciate this whole hashtag kafuffle happening with Instagram. Korean natives regularly hashtag really peculiar café spots (#카페) or irresistible food (#맛집) from around the country. This makes researching much easier and requires very little effort, so you can easily build up your itinerary by using Instagram just like I do. Since photos can be really misguided in some websites, Instagram helps realistically capture what a place looks like through the eyes of a person.
This is exactly how I came to knowledge of this café.

The Banana Tree cafe and their eye capturing Cotton candy latte 솜솜라떼 (sweet as fudge btw) and signature Flower Pot 팝 dessert which looks intriguing. It really reminds me of the days when I was an obese child where I literally stuffed anything in my mouth including grass from the school field and dirt. Now, I really just want to go outside with the flower pot dessert and munch on the soil like truffle in front of people JUST to see their grossed out reactions~ hehe

How to get there:

Seoul subway – Sinsa exit 6 just behind the casamia.

Directions are a little tricky so watch the video for directions here.


10 Comments on “Cotton & Cube

  1. OMG If I ever visit Seoul again, I’m definitely going to this cafe!!! I follow Shini’s blog regularly and it’s so awesome that you know each other! Lovely photos as always, you’re a true inspiration to me : )

  2. That café is really original, the spoons caught my eye instantly. I’m definetely going to visit it when I go to Seoul. Your blog is amazing, I always enjoy reading your posts !

  3. Hi ^^
    I visit seoul a lot due to my work as a designer and i just bumped into your IG and this blog, loveeee it..!! 화이팅..!!!
    Iam goin to Seoul this February and definitely will visit this cafe ^^

  4. wow! good thing I stumbled on your blog. I’m definitely gonna take a visit to this cafe!
    by the way, love your blog!

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  7. This is so amazing! I found your blog a couple months ago when I was doing a little research on what-to-do-in-seoul… and this cafe made it to the top of my list! I found it yesterday, and it definitely lives up to my expectations:))
    Love your blog! I’m sure I’ll be visiting some of the other cafes you feature over the next couple of months!

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