Wake up


So I was in Seoul the other day and I swear, the amount of banners, posters, billboards, TV advertising of plastic surgery has doubled…or is it just me?  As soon as I got off the bus i was automatically bombarded with “best doctors in the world” or “a must have item, surgery”….seriously a ‘must have item’???

….please think about what you are doing to your children and the messages you are sending.

Korea is a great country…so when i see these things…it’s a shame and it makes me sad.  This so called ‘standard of beauty’ that people see on TV and pop-culture nowadays not only will make a child feel insecure but seriously promotes bullying in schools…the amount of “you are too ugly”, “your skin is too dark”, “your eyes are too small”, “your face is too round” that i hear in my school is beyond belief.

ahhhh~ just wake up!

Apologies for the out of the ordinary negative post…but I had enough~



6 Comments on “Wake up

  1. It’s difficult to keep a positive mind when it comes to certain aspects of the culture here sometimes. Don’t think of stating your frustrations as a negative post, at least you included a beautiful photo ^^

  2. I understand where you’re coming from too. I love Korea, but it’s saddening to see all the plastic surgery posters and sometimes even parents encourage their kids to get plastic surgery by giving them double eyelid surgery as a high school graduation present. Really? I hope something changes in the future, but I doubt it’ll happen any time soon.

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