It has been butt bitingly cold these days that it makes me want to either say the ‘F’ word for every step I take or book a ticket back straight back home to London. As it hits the minus figures in the evening nowadays, the layers upon layers of clothing just doesn’t seem to do it. Honestly, it really makes me miss home where the cold gives a nice festive atmosphere even if you spend a long time out and about.  Stress with teaching and Korean language study (exam on Sunday!) has got the better of me this week too and usually I could cool down by doing fun actvities outside, but it’s soooo freezing that a glass of ice cold beer in my heated apartment does the trick!

Coincidently the other day I was invited to try out Cargo 127’s wide range of craft beer in Itaewon, Seoul with Mimsie. Usually I tend to avoid alcohol in public because my face turns into a tomato and strangely it bloats like a balloon. Great for a good time, but terrible for pictures. However I simply could not resist their unique selection of out of the box flavoured craft beers. The alcoholic percentages of these vary so if you are a lightweight like me there are drinks with lower percentage of alcohol ~ Score. Although the craft beers were appealing (especially the watermelon beer) I could not help but stare at the legit fruit ciders which were also available…oh my…British ciders are also in the house! Once I had a drop in my mouth of apple cider, it instantly took me back to my rebellious teenage years where you sneak out of the house to meet with your friends and drink at the local park. Haha oh memories…I think that was when my mother and I fought the most because my school grades were terrible…O.O

Even if you don’t drink the food at Cargo’s is equally brilliant, namely the burger and pizza. I doubted it would compare to other restaurants I have reviewed, but I was not disappointed at all! The atmosphere here was also very chilled with candle-lit tables and casual conversations with Cargo staff members who came to Korea from different parts of the world. It was really interesting to hear each of their stories.  I especially remembered talking to the chef from Morocco and asked him why he chose to live in Korea. He only answered with two words: safety, and love. Couldn’t have put it better myself~ ^^

Anyways, it was great…I expected it to be a quick in and out evening, but it turned out to be a relaxing and comfortable Friday night with amazing variations of crafted beer, delicious food, and hours of banter with a fellow blogger. Check it out guys!

*Update* As of from now until February 6th, Seoul State of Mind readers get a 10% discount on their orders! Hellz to the yeah!

How to get to Cargo 127

Subway – Itaewon stn. Exit 3
-walk straight until you see Mr. Kebab and turn right. Cargo 127 is on the second floor across from Seven Eleven.
Address: 2nd Floor, 127-24, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea 140-200


3 Comments on “T.G.I.F

  1. Oh my! That pizza looks bomb! Until Feb 6th you say? I better hurry then! BTW, my friends take these pills before drinking alcohol that help them break it down and so they don’t get red. Here is the link in case you wanna give them a try: http://www.target.com/p/pepcid-ac-maximum-strength-tables-25-ct/-/A-14013777?ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001&AFID=Google_PLA_df&LNM=%7C14013777&CPNG=Unassigned&kpid=14013777&LID=PA&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=14013777&gclid=CL_ZipSa57oCFeQ1Qgode3kAwg

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